National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation - Romania


Mission, Role and Functions

The National Authority for Scientific Research exercises the responsibilities of the state authority for research-development and carries out its activity in compliance with the provisions of the Government Ordinance No. 57/2002 on the scientific research and technological development, approved with amendments and additions by the Law No. 324/2003, with subsequent amendments.

The Authority’s mission is to ensure the elaboration, application, monitoring and evaluation of the policies in the field of research-development and innovation, consistent with the strategy and the Governing Programme, for the purpose of ensuring on this basis the enlargement of the national and international technological and innovation patrimony, the sustainable economic development, the access on the internal, European market and on the global markets, the creation of the informational knowledge-based society, the satisfaction of the citizens' needs and a growth in the quality of their lives.

The Authority has the role and responsibility:

a) to ensure the strategic and tactical planning;
b) to define the strategic and tactical objectives;
c) to define, apply, monitor and evaluate the policies necessary in order to achieve the objectives;
d) to define the normative and methodological, functional, operational and financial framework necessary to apply the policies, to follow up the harmonisation of the national legislation with the legislation of the European Union and to absorb the acquis communitaire;
e) to ensure communication with the other public authorities in order to achieve a coherent approach of the government policies;
f) to ensure communication with the civil society structures and with the citizens;
g) to define, finance, apply, monitor and evaluate programmes, for the purpose to achieve the objectives;
h) to stimulate the regional and local development, as well as the one in the private sector;
i) to stimulate the development of international partnership.

With a view to completing its role, the Authority exercises the following functions:

a) political - the function to present and harmonise the political viewpoint regarding the research-development and innovation field;
b) strategic - by which it strategically plans and ensures the elaboration and implementation of the policies in the field of research-development and innovation;
c) administrative - by which it forecasts, plans, assigns, monitors and evaluates the use of resources for the implementation of the policies in the field;
d) of monitoring, evaluation and control of carrying out the policies in the field of development-research and innovation;
e) of elaboration of the normative and methodological framework, functional and operational and financial framework in which the policies in the field are carried out;
f) of communication both with the other structures of the public administration and with the civil society and the citizen;
g) of international co-operation - which ensures the application of international agreements in the related field and the promotion of new agreements;
h) of state authority – which ensures the monitoring and control of the settlements in its filed;
i) of representing – which ensures, on behalf of the Government, its representation in national, regional and international bodies and organizations, as a state authority for its field.

The statute of National Authority for Scientific Research is settled by the Government Decision no. 1449/17th November, 2005.

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