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The Project on the "Creation of an Inter-University Service Center and a Telematic Network" aims at improving and strengthening of the Albanian University System as the teaching source of the highest level in the country and at promoting scientific research. The Inter-University Center will offer software services to both public universities, research institutes, and will manage the Albanian Academic Network.

Established for the first time in Albania, the Albanian Academic Network (ANA), will connect the higher education institutions to the scientific research institutes and to the Transfer Technology Center. Among other objectives, the project will contribute towards strengthening and boosting management capacities of the Albanian public higher education and of the research institutions, thus developing high calibre professionals and guaranteeing participation to different research programs/projects both at the European and International level.

ANA will play a crucial role to securing the participation of the professors and researchers from the Albanian academic world to the research and development activities of the European Union. For this purpose, ANA will also secure access to networks such as GARR and GEANT 2.The project is financed by the Cooperation for Development Office of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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