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The Kosovo Public Policy Center is an independent, not-for-profit think-tank and research center based in Prishtina, Kosovo. The mission of the Center is to serve the best interest of the general public, academia, private and public sectors, as well as its clients and partners by providing policy alternatives and recommendations based on solid research and analysis; trainings and workshops in key policy and development areas; as well as facilitating professional forums on topics of socio-economic development, good governance, democracy, ethnic tolerance, and multiculturalism, etc. The Center strives to achieve its mission through three major pillars of work: Research, Analysis, and Alternatives. We believe that no problem or issue can be successfully resolved or addressed without first being fully understood. Hence, solid research helps us in adequately defining the problem or issue at hand and better understanding it. Once the problem or issue has been clearly identified and understood, proper and rigorous analysis is essential for arriving at solutions that are technically right, practically implementable, and policy relevant. There may never be one perfect solution, but the best possible one can come out from a set of alternatives. Therefore, alternatives are necessary not only for helping us come up with the best solution possible, but more importantly so for providing us with the means and options to practically implement it. The more ways you know to achieve an objective, the closer to that objective you are. We believe that our three pillars of work as identified above are essential not only for producing good studies, but also and even more so for enabling us to practically do what is necessary to improve public policies of a developing, newly established country, such as Kosovo, especially in terms of democracy strengthening, capacity building, social cohesion, good governance, and empowerment of marginalized groups and civil society. The Center engages many scholars and other professionals from diverse backgrounds to serve on its research forums and projects, thus making sure that each task is undertaken by those who are better prepared to tackle it.
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E-Mail: info@kppcenter.org
Phone:+381 38721041
Address: L. Ulpiana, Rr. Selami Pulaha # 19/21 Prishtina 10000 Kosova
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