Ministry of Education and Science - Department of Technological Development of Republic of Serbia


Organizational unit of MSTD, Department of Technological Development, Transfer of technologies and Innovation contributes to establishment of sustainable bridges between research institutions and industry, offering support for the creation and development of SMEs, especially innovative start ups, scientific and technological parks, business incubators, research and development centers, innovative enterprises, etc.

Development of Serbia 2006 – 2012, and the Programme for Business Incubators and Clusters Development in the Republic of Serbia 2007 - 2010 were adopted at the end of 2006. Both documents define strategic measures and incentives of the Serbian Government for improvement of the entrepreneurial and innovation environment in Serbia. There was plan to set up at least 15 incubators in Serbia until 2010. During 2006, the Business Incubator Support Centre was established within Serbian Agency for SMEE with main focus on business incubation and help to start-ups.

Ministry of Economy and Regional Development launched the project “Cluster Development Support” project in 2007.

There are several technology and science and innovation centers, which have started to operate recently or are in a setting-up procedure. Three S&T parks were established (Institute Mihailo Pupin, Novi Sad and Nis) within the project “Feasibility Study for foundation of Science & Technology Parks in Serbia”.


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