Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts


The mission of the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts consists of:

  • maintaining the highest level of scientific research in the fields of mathematics, mechanics and computer science,
  • mobilizing mathematical resources in Serbia, offering research infrastructure and improving communication between groups having similar scientific interest,
  • discovering ways and means of applying scientific results,
  • solving problems posed by sciences and industry,
  • organizing all sorts of scientific and expert training and participating in organization and delivery of doctoral studies,
  • organizing international collaborations and supporting participation in domestic and international scientific conferences,
  • supporting the education of young people of exceptional talent,
  • popularization of mathematical sciences.

Contact related to SEE RRI Tools Hub: Zoran Markovic

  • Research Institute
Contact details
Address:Mathematical Institute SANU11000 Belgrade, 11000 Belgrade
Geographical focus
  • Serbia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Natural Sciences
Related users
  • Mr Rade Zivaljevic (Head of a centre, head of a seminar, former head of mathematics department)

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