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The South East European Research Centre (SEERC) was established with the mission to address the economic, political, social and cultural challenges facing the South East European countries in an enlarged and enlarging Europe. Research at SEERC addresses four broad research areas of societal concern: Enterprise, innovation and development; Information and Communication Technologies; Governance, politics and society; Risk and well-being. SEERC participates and manages a number of major research projects and collaborations with international consortia. These projects address issues of importance to the South East European region and cover a number of research topics such as infusing knowledge into South East European SMEs, managing research and development and promoting efficient business collaboration through semantic IT applications. SEERC organized several workshops and conferences in South East Europe bringing together experts in topics like financial sector reform and electoral processes reform, or even multi-level governance and e-Government, to discuss the latest developments in any given field. Along with targeted networking missions to SEE countries of interest, these events have assisted SEERC’s firm establishment in the region as an international think-tank.

Previous experience:
INCO-NET is about S&T policy in the Western Balkan countries and its implementation. In each of its four research areas and the research procedures, SEERC has dealt with S&T policy. In its doctoral programme, PhD students dealt with policy related topics in several areas, including ICT policy. Various conferences and workshops organised by SEERC fall into the scope of WBC-INCO.NET. The institute also publishes a Bulletin twice a year that further addresses issues of interest to the region and its policy.

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