Ministry of Science - Montenegro


The Ministry of Science, as the national authority responsible for science is also responsible i.a. for the implementation of research support instruments and international research cooperation. 

The Department for International Programs and European Integration perform the administrative tasks relating to the implementation of international scientific cooperation and European integration and professional activities related to the implementation of programmes of general interest. This departement is also responsible for the WBC-INCO.NET project. Among others, this department fucuses on the topics such as: 

  • Involvement of research institutions and/or involvement of researchers from Montenegro in the European Research Area and international programmes in science;
  • Stimulation of research that encourages training and mobility of researchers from Montenegro in research centers and institutes worldwide
  • Regional cooperation and connectivity in the research infrastructure
  • International scientific research projects, basic and applied research and development;
  • Monitoring of European Union regulations regarding science and research
  • Preparation and execution of regulations on scientific and technological cooperation between Montenegro and other countries (memoranda, agreements, treaties, protocols, programmes);
  • Montenegro's participation in multilateral, regional and bilateral programmes and projects related to science, research and development;
  • Project implementation in the field of science that are financed from the EU pre-accession funds (IPA projects) and other international funds (technical support concerning the programming and implementation of projects, reporting to the authorities and cooperation with the European Commission on technical matters, providing support in the negotiation process, help when preparing financial documents etc.)
  • Implementation of the bilateral scientific and technological cooperation between Montenegro and other countries;
  • Participation in international meetings and conferences of professional bodies;
  • Promoting the EU Framework Programme and other programmes of international cooperation;
  • Organisation and coordination of NCP (National Contact Person for the Framework Programmes) for individual programs or parts of programs etc.

Previous experience: Bilateral cooperation has significantly increased since 2004 (47 projects). Montenegro participated(s) in several projects, such as SEE-ERA.NET, and ERA Westbalkan, SEEREN 2, SEEGRID 2, ERA Westbalkan+, EU-BALKAN-FABNET.

Contact related to SEE RRI Tools Hub: Milena Milunovic

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Address:Rimski trg 46, 81000 Podgorica
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