Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship - Albania


The Business Promotion Department at METE is responsible to design policies for investment developments, exports and SMEs. The specific objectives are linked in promoting free entrepreneurship, encouraging the development of business innovation in order to increase their competitiveness in regional and global markets.

The Business promotion department is also responsible and to contribute in strengthening the ability of the Albanian relevant institutions to develop, implement and monitor the SME policy, enabling to develop entrepreneurship and innovation programs.

This department is also involved to design policies in support for business innovation, including:

  • access to finance
  • access to human resources
  • adequate basic physical infrastructure
  • firm-level capabilities
  • inter-firm linkages and collaboration
  • general business services; etc.

Under IPA 2007, METE is responsible for preparing the business innovation strategy, which have to address the most important challenges; to create institutions and industries and reinforce skills to absorb and use imported technology, as well as to create our own technological innovations.

In 2010/11, METE is in the process of formally adopting a National Business Innovation and Technology Strategy (BITS), which integrates the Albanian Cluster Programme (ACP) & Business Incubation Programme. The designed Business Incubation Programme for Albania will apply a step by step approach, by setting up a pilot business incubator and building on its experience, in parallel taking into consideration the experiences from other countries

Department / Unit
Department of Competitiveness Policy
  • Government/Ministry
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Phone:++355 42 2222245
Fax:++355 42 2227969
Address: Blv."Deshmoret e Kombit", 10011001 Tirana, 1001 Tirana
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  • Albania
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  • Social Sciences

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