Albanian Socio-Economic Think Tank

"ProfileAlbanian Socio-Economic Think-Tank - ASET, (former “Institute of Fiscal Education”), is an NGO founded in 1999 through the initiative of a group of experienced researchers.ASET is thus introducing itself to the State, as well as to private institutions, as a new source of providing expertise on projects and programs designed to socio-economic policies, awareness, dissemination and education of their targeted groups.The Foundation's headquarter is located in Tirana, Albania, but its activities, however, are spread all over the country.MissionASET represents an alternative to offer the proper expertise on the issues related to stimulation of the improvement of the whole economic and social mechanism, by extending the consciousness of the different levels of the society in this process.Objectives The focus of ASET is addressing acute problems encountered in the course of development during transition, with a particular attention on economic progress and social welfare, namely:Sustainable economic growth;Advanced banking and financial sector;Developed private sector, especially SME-s;Improved legislative framework, from drafting to implementation;Better-quality health and education services;Social care and welfare;Functional infrastructure;Urban and rural development;Protected environment;Recognized country cultural and tourism attraction;More efficient & transparent government practices;Coordinated and shared authority from central to local government;Increased participatory role of stakeholders in drafting, implementing, and monitoring public policies."Source: Self-entry in December 2007.
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Phone:++355 4 258171
Fax:++355 4 258171
Address: Rr."Ismail Qemali", Pall.27/1 Shk.2, Apt.13, 1506 Tirana, 1506 Tirana
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  • Albania

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