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"The history of the University of Bihać began in 1997 when it was established. It is the youngest university in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The University of Bihać provides high quality post-secondary education at one of the following higher education institutions:
Faculty of Biotechnical Sciences
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Law
Technical Faculty
College of Nursing Studies
Islamic Academy of Education.


The teaching and administrative staff is making great efforts in ensuring proper conditions for high quality work in education and research. Through these basic activities, the University of Bihać contributes to the economic and cultural development of the region: it provides the necessary qualified human resources. The academic community of the University has recognized the importance of promoting and encouraging establishment of academic cooperation with foreign universities and similar institutions. We have developed cooperation with universities and non-academic institutions in Europe, U.S.A. and Canada. This co-operation is mainly based on participation in projects and exchange of visiting scholars. The student and staff mobility has been increasing. From year to year more students and teaching staff spend some time at foreign universities either in short study visits or whole academic year.

Apart from the faculties, there are some other institutions established at the University: Institute of Technical Faculty and Institute of Faculty of Economics. Through these institutes we have been maintaining cooperation with the local industry and have been carrying out the projects for them. There is also the Human Rights Conflict Prevention Centre. The main objective of the Centre is to develop a new approach to peaceful resolution of multiethnic/religious conflict. The Centre also publishes the international periodical publication «Research Papers» with each issue being focused on one subject (human rights, multi-ethnic conflict, global terrorism, etc.).
The aim of the academic community of our University is to continue developing the University in line with European and world standards."

Source: UNBI website, as accessed in February 2007.

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