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The Public Policy Secretariat of the Republic of Serbia (PPS) is a special organisation of the Government of the Republic of Serbia that provides  the Government and state administration bodies with expert support in the process of planning, development, adoption and coordination of public policies and implementation of the regulatory reform.

The PPS team includes 45 employees who perform one of the three functions: 1) support to the planning and coordination of public policies, 2) support to the development and economic analyses of public policies, and 3) quality control of public policies and laws (with respect to alignment and economic effects on the business sector and citizens) during the development stage.

The PPS is one of the Centre of Government institutions that was established in April 2014 as part of the public administration reform. PPS’ responsibilities are regulated by means of the Law on Ministries and the Government Rules of Procedure.

The PPS is responsible for the realisation of two specific objectives defined in the Strategy for the Public Administration Reform, namely for improving organisational and functional sub-systems of public administration, and for increasing legal security and enhancing the business environment and the quality of provision of public services. Therefore the reform the PPS has been pursuing is focused on the establishment of mechanisms for quality management that rests on evidence-based decisions, reliable data and adequate tools so that public policies would be oriented to desired results, mutually aligned, and in line with the budgetary framework. In order to be able to accomplish these objectives, the PPS has focused its reform activities on the following measures:

- setting up of the system through normative-methodological planning framework (the result of a wide consultative process is a developed Draft Law on the Planning System of the Republic  of Serbia with accompanying regulations on mid-term planning and public policy management);

- upgrading capacities through a comprehensive programme of trainings for the entire state administration in the improvement of public policy management (planning techniques, impact assessment and the usage of data for measuring results, monitoring and evaluation, etc.);

- providing expert support when needed to state administration bodies in the process of public policy creation and analyses, and

- systemic involvement of the research community and analysts from outside the public administration into the process of public policy creation.


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