Intersection. Centre for Science and Innovation


Based in Belgrade, Serbia, “Intersection. Centre for Science and Innovation” is an international action tank, a non-profit civil society association, established to promote responsible research and innovation, quality education, evidence based policies and good governance and to strengthen the link between science and society, with special focus on Central and Southeastern Europe. Intersection has 150 active members, coming from research and educational organizations, the public sector, as well as companies and civic organizations contributing to the field of Science and Society.

This pool of experts in research and innovation, policy creation, advocacy and science engagement from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Albania, Hungary, Romania and other countries, supported by a prominent international Advisory Board, has joined forces with the aim to use regional synergies to multiply impact of national efforts in building knowledge and creativity based societies. Intersection initiates and stimulates research and dialogue on important societal challenges, advocates for structural changes in research performing and research funding organizations in order to advance the integration of RRI policy in their agendas and supports open discussion and co-creation in research and innovation processes.

  • Association/NGO
Geographical focus
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

Entry created by Ines Marinkovic on May 3, 2016
Modified on June 22, 2016