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The central Slovenian Social Science Data Archives of the University of Ljubljana were established in year 1997. The tasks are to acquire significant data sources with a wide range of social science disciplines of interest to Slovenian social scientists, check them and prepare for digital preservation, and disseminate them for further use for scientific, educational and other purposes. Since 2004, funding for the operation provides Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology within the infrastructure programme "Network of research infrastructure centres at the University of Ljubljana". Since 1998 ADP are members of the Council of European Social Science Data Archives - CESSDA. Because of application of DDI standard, their records are also included in the catalogue of all catalogues of CESSDA.

Target users are national and international researchers, teachers and students who are data and statistical literate. The latter includes the ability to search for specific purpose data, to estimate usefulness of data regarding information in survey description, methodology of data collection and detailed content of individual variables, and the ability to perform independent analysis, to interpret results and draw conclusions.

General purposes of use are for scientific reports and student seminars. Data are often used as background materials for teaching and practical exercises with students. 

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Address:University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Social Science Data Archives Kardeljeva pl. 5, 1000 Ljubljana
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