Textile Association „Asstex“, Serbia


The Association of Textile „Asstex“, Novi Pazar is an association of textile manufactures, which was established in March 2009 with the aim of building capacity and increasing the competitiveness of the cluster members.

Cluster consists of 14 companies with 728 employees and cooperates with 3 scientific research organisations.

Among the cluster’s objectives are the development of innovation in the textile industry and associated branches in Serbia, joint appearance of cluster members at international markets and the fight against monopoly and unfair competition.

Cluster activities include:

·         Cluster promotion by participating at the international fairs, conferences, domestic and international professional congresses and workshops.

·         Development of an Internet portal and B2B portal for cluster "Asstex”.

·         Implementation of systems for waste water treatment.

·         Introduction of quality standards ISO 9000.

·         Cluster network expansion.

Contact Person:

Eldin Međedović, Chairman

  • Cluster/Incubator/Innovation Infrastructure
Contact details
E-Mail: info@asstex.org
Phone:+381 659724724
Address:Trnava bb, 36300 Novi Pazar
Geographical focus
  • Serbia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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