Network of Regional and Local Business Centres, Montenegro


In Montenegro, a network of regional and local business centres has been developed (six regional centres and three local ones), providing a number of subsidised services for businesses and supporting beginners in business. In partnership with donors (such as EAR and GTZ), DDSME has created eleven regional/local business centres.

More than 70% of the territory of Montenegro is now covered with these regional centres, which provide support to entrepreneurs during the various phases of their operation, expansion and development.

The services include:

·         Free of charge advisory and consulting services;

·         Business plan development;

·         Internet support; and

·         Marketing.

On average, 2000 entrepreneurs use professional help through one of the regional/local business centres per year (MoE 2010a: 26).

Contact Person:

Sanja Varajic, Adviser for institutional support in DDSME


Regional Business Centre Podgorica

The Regional business centre Podgorica was established on 14.06.2002 by DDSME and the Municipality of Podgorica – Secretariat for Economy. At the moment, the business centre operates within Agency for development and construction of Podgorica. Business centre has one office and one employee.

Phone: +382 20 408 742, 382 20 408 743
Address:  Jovana Tomaševića bb, Podgorica, Montenegro        

Contact person:

Špadijer Marko

Regional Business Centre Bijelo Polje

The Regional business centre Bijelo Polje was established 30.07.2002, and started operating 1.09.2002. The establishers are DDSME and Municipality of Bijelo Polje. The centre has three permanent employees.


Phone: +382 50 484 812

Address:Sportski centar Nikoljac, 84000 Bijelo Polje, Montenegro        

Contact persons:

Tanja Krgušić, Blažo Vlaović, Olivera Korać

Regional Business Centre Bar

The Regional business centre Bar was established 29.01.2003 by SMEDA and Municipality of Bar – Secretariat for economy. The centre has only one employee at the moment.

Phone: +382 30 401 309

Fax: +382 30 312 833
Address: Bulevar revolucije 1 (zgrada Opštine), Bar, Montenegro                     

Contact person:

Milena Braletić


Regional Business Centre Nikšić

The Regional business centre Nikšić was established 16. April 2004. The centre has been established in partnership between DDSME and Bank of Nikšić. One employee works in the centre.

Phone:+382 40 200 892

Address:  Njegoševa 18 (bivši SDK, II sprat), Nikšić, Montenegro                        

Contact person: 

Branko Roganović

Regional Business Centre Berane

The Regional Business Centre Berane was established 04.11.2004 by DDSME. The centre currently employs four persons.



Phone: +382 51 236 597; + 382 69 305 194

Address: Novo naselje bb, Berane, Montenegro                                        

Contact persons: 

Vuk Bozovic, Srđan Stijović, Almira Zejnilović, Duško Šćekić

Local Business Centre Rožaje

The Local business centre Rožaje was established 04.10.2002 by DDSME and Municipality of Rožaje. According to the Regulation on systematization of business centre, all positions are covered. Thus, six employees are in the centre.


Phone: +382 51 274 500

Address:Maršala Tita bb, Rožaje, Montenegro                                          

Contact persons:

Almir Šutković, Rašid Mujević, Kutragić Fahrudin, Murić Esad, Nermina Šutković                                                                            
Local Business Centre Cetinje

The Local business centre Cetinje was established 17.10.2002 by DDSME. There are three employees in the centre.


Phone/Fax: +382 41 231 452

Address:  Obilića b.b. - zgrada Sportskog centra, Cetinje 81250, Montenegro        

Contact persons: 

Pavle Simović


Nikola Mijanović


Luka Jovićević

Local Business Centre Žabljak

The Local business centre Žabljak was established 26.08.2004 by DDSME. There is  one employee in the centre.

Phone       +382 52 361 820

Address:  Trg Durmitorskih ratnika br.1, Žabljak, Montenegro     

Contact person:

Radovan Bošković


Regional Business Centre Plav

The Local business centre Plav was established in 2008. by DDSME and Municipality. There are two employees in the centre

Phone: + 382 51 251 093

Contact persons:

Sulejman Šabović


Edin Jadadić


 Local Business Centre Kolašin

The Local business centre Kolasin was established in 2008 by DDSME and Municipality. There is only one employee in the centre

Address : Trg Boraca bb Stars, Montenegro        

Contact person:

Milosav Bato Bulatović

Phone: +382 67 553 556      


  • Cluster/Incubator/Innovation Infrastructure
Contact details
Phone:+382 20 406 316
Fax:+382 20 406 323
Address:Novaka Miloseva 42, 81000 Podgorica
Geographical focus
  • Montenegro
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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