European Information and Innovation Centre Montenegro (EIICM)


In 2007, a consortium formed by DDSME, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Montenegro, the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and Business Start-up Centre Bar planned the setting up for a Centre for Promotion of Innovation within the business sector (DG Research 2010: 11). In November 2007, the Directorate for Development of SMEs (DDSME) submitted to the DG Enterprise and Industry Project Proposal “European Information and Innovation Centre Montenegro” (Call for Proposals - Services in Support of Business and Innovation). In April 2008, the project was officially approved for partial funding by DG Enterprise and Industry and the new centre began its operation within DDSME in November 2008. The new European Information and Innovation Centre Montenegro is part of the Enterprise Europe Network.

EIICM provides services for fostering innovation, knowledge and technology transfer, as well as services encouraging participation of SMEs within EU Framework Programmes for research and technological development (DG Research 2010:12). In detail, its activities encompass:

Services of innovations, knowledge and technology transfer:

  •  Distribution of information to raise levels of knowledge on policies referring to innovations, legislation and support programmes;
  •    Distribution and utilization of research results;
  •  Provision of intermediary services for technology and knowledge transfer and building partnerships between all those involved in the innovation field;
  •  Encouraging business capacities to innovate

Services that encourage participation of SMEs in the Community Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development:

  •  Raising level of knowledge for SMEs on Community Framework Programmes
  •  Supporting SMEs to identify their RTD needs and find relevant partners; and
  •  Supporting SMEs in the preparation and coordination of project proposals for the participation in Community Framework Programmes for research and technological development.

Its services are mainly target at SMEs, innovators, governmental bodies, professional organisations, educational institutions and other institutions carrying out research and development.



Phone: +382 20 406 310

Fax: +382 20 406 323

Address: Novaka Miloseva 42, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

Contact Person:

Ljiljana Belada, EIICM Manager

Phone: +382 20 406 310

  • Research Institute
Geographical focus
  • Montenegro
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary
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