Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency


The Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency (MIPA) is a national investment agency set up by the Government of Montenegro in order to promote foreign investments in Montenegro and to facilitate the economic development of Montenegro. The Agency was established in 2005.

The mission of MIPA is to partner with foreign and domestic investors, the public and private sector, and international groups and individuals to increase investments in Montenegro and help bring accelerated economic development, dynamic growth and prosperity for all Montenegrin citizens.

The Agency promotes specific projects to foreign investors and has a publicity function in bringing such projects to the attention of the international public. MIPA advances Montenegro as a competitive investment destination by actively facilitating investment projects in the country.

MIPA’s activities offered to foreign investors are:

•  Business partnerships and addressing of business needs;

•  Provision of relevant information on the investment climate, institutional framework and related legal issues;

•  Assistance in obtaining permits and licenses on national and local levels of authority;

•   Development of specific strategies for concrete sectors and countries;

•   Help in locating green field and brown field site options according to specific requirements;

•   Provision of initiatives and support of cooperation with domestic supplier companies and other local partners;

•   Creation and maintenance of an investment database;

•   Identification of eventual “red tape” obstacles to doing business in Montenegro and providing recommendations to the Government for its systematic   removal; and

•    Advertisement of projects with an aim to create a relationship between Montenegrin companies and people and foreign investors.



Phone/Fax: +382 20 203 141, +382 20 203 140; +382 20 202 910 

Address: Jovana Tomaševića bb, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

Contact Person:

Dr Petar Ivanovic, CEO


  • Agency/Fund
Geographical focus
  • Montenegro
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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