Agency for International Co-operation of Montenegro (ZAMTES)


The Agency for International Co-operation of Montenegro is an institution of the Government of Montenegro which was established approximately 30 years ago.

The Agency consists of the following organisational units:

•  Department for International Scientific, Educational, Cultural and Technical Cooperation; and

•  Department for General and Financial Issues.

The Department for International Scientific and Technical Co-operation performs the following duties:

•  Preparation, co-ordination and implementation of the S&T programs and projects of scientific and technical nature;

•  Initiation and co-ordination of the establishment of immediate collaboration between Montenegro and foreign institutions and industrial organisations;

•  Participation in the preparation of multilateral and bilateral programs on the basis of which RTD projects in Montenegro are being realized; and

•  Professional training abroad within multilateral and bilateral programs, organisation of international conferences, gatherings and seminars.



Phone: +382 20 665 421

Fax: +382 20 665 419

Address: Njegoševa br.2, 81 000 Podgorica, Montenegro

Contact Person:

Derviš – Beli Selhanović, Director

Phone: +382 20 665 421


  • Agency/Fund
Geographical focus
  • Montenegro
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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