Advisory Board for Scientific-Research Activities, Montenegro


The Council for Scientific-Research Activities is the highest-level advisory body for scientific research policy and strategic planning, as well as for the implementation of activities related to this issue (DG Research 2010: 10). Its main purpose is to analyse the Montenegrin research and science system, make corresponding proposals to the government, prepare and monitor the implementation of the Strategy for Scientific-Research Activities, and give opinions on laws and regulations related to research and science.

The government appoints the 11 members of the Council for a period of six years: Six members are selected from the national science and research system; the other five are nominated from the areas of industry, Chamber of Commerce, and key policy makers for science, education, finance and economy. 

The Council proposed Strategy for Scientific-Research Activities 2008-2016 which was adopted by the Government. Its priorities are the following:

  • To reform the Institutional Framework for conducting scientific-research activities
  • To stimulate innovation and technological development, this includes the role of the Ministry of Economy and DDSME in introducing the incentive measures for investing into research and innovations in the sector of economy, including financing of the scientific and research activities. The additional role of the Ministry of Education and Science is reflected in the marketing support and the provision of consulting services to all factors included in the domain of innovations;
  • To encourage the international cooperation, where DDSME is engaged in terms of participation in the EUREKA Programme;
  • To implement functional priorities in the field of scientific-research activity, where the Ministry of Economy is in charge of introducing financial instruments and regulations aimed at co-financing technological projects;
  • To increase the level of investment into the scientific-research activity (MoE 2009: 82).

Contact Person:

Prof. Igor Radusinovic, Chairman of the Council for Scientific-Research Activity


  • Government/Ministry
Geographical focus
  • Montenegro
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary
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