Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia


Invest Macedonia is the primary government institution supporting foreign investment in the FYR of Macedonia. The agency’s main goal is to win new investment projects into FYR of Macedonia and to support the expansion of the existing base of overseas companies in the country.

The Agency assists investors in every way it can help to objectively evaluate FYR of Macedonia as a location for investment projects. The Agency works with investors to understand their objectives and arrange an appropriate itinerary for them to visit the country in order to address all of the issues that are important to them for the success of their project. If investors decide to locate in FYR of Macedonia, the Agency works on their behalf with national and local governmental authorities to expedite approvals and, where necessary, to enable a fast start-up of their operations. Should investors wish to partner with a local company, the Agency helps them to find suitable partners within the country with which they can open an exploratory dialogue. As the company’s operation grow, the Agency continues to work closely with investors to understand their requirements to grow faster and work to ensure that FYR of Macedonia fulfils their business needs to facilitate that growth.

Contact Person:
Viktor Mizo, Director

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Republic of North Macedonia
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Phone:+389 2 3100 111
Fax:+389 2 3122 098
Address:Nikola Vapcarov 7, 1000 Skopje
Country:Republic of North Macedonia
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