Ministry of Information Society and Administration


The Ministry of Information Society and Administration is the basic authorized institution for coordinating activities for the development of the information society and measures which derived from the strategies:

  • National strategy for developing the information society and action plan5: The basic challenge in the strategy is to define the economic, social and politicalvision of the society based on knowledge, through the development and applicationof ICT in all living aspects, creating modern and efficient citizen and business services.
  • National strategy for developing electronic communications with information technologies6: The basic challenge of the strategy is to enable the aggressive implementation and massive, efficient utilization of electronic communications and information technologies, which will assist the involvement of FYR of Macedonia in the global net economy and the achievement of leap frogging in the economy. 
  • The main projects of this ministry which may impact the innovation in the business sector are:

• E-Infrastructure (;
• Е-Government (;
• Е-Business (;
• Е-Education (;
• Е-Citizens (

Contact Person:
Ivo Ivanovski, Minister

Further contact details are provided below.

  • Government/Ministry
Republic of North Macedonia
Contact details
Phone:+389 2 3200 870
Fax:+389 2 3221 883
Address:Mito Hadzi-Vasilev Jasmin bb, 1000 Skopje
Country:Republic of North Macedonia
Geographical focus
  • Republic of North Macedonia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General

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