News archive - Monitoring R&I Cooperation with Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Further Progress on ERA Expected

The Subcommittee on Innovation, monitoring progress on research and innovation from a pre-accession point of view, met in Brussels on February 27, 2012. The meeting took stock of FYRoM's increased participation in FP7 and its efforts to promote cooperation, notably through stronger engagement with SMEs and better use of Marie Curie actions.

"Even if FYRoM is in balance in terms of funding obtained and contribution paid, further efforts are needed, particularly in the lead up to Horizon 2020. The
Commission stressed the key importance of good administrative capacity, and the need for regular attendance in FP7 management committee meetings.
The EC also regretted that the announced Strategy on Research and Technology was still not fully established, and asked for a timetable on adoption. FYRoM explained their need to consult further with their scientific community, and to articulate more fully the innovation dimension. The Commission noted FYRoM's ambitious goal to increase R&I investment from a current 0.30% of GDP to 1.80% by 2015. FYRoM was also encouraged to establish, as a matter of priority, the reliable statistics necessary to implement and monitor their announced strategy and facilitate integration into the ERA.

The FYRoM Deputy Prime Minister, who also holds the portfolio of Minister for European Integration, welcomed EC's comments and personally expressed commitment to follow the progress on R&I with competent ministers. She fully agreed on the importance of increasing R&I efforts as key driver for progress in other areas and in the overall integration process."

Source: DG for Research and Innovation, Information Flash on International Cooperation Activities, p.2

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