News archive - [Event Announcement] 6th Annual ReSPA Conference: “Good Governance through Participative Democracy and Client Oriented Public Administration"

The Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA) is organizing its 6thAnnual Conference on April 19-20, 2012, in Danilovgrad, Montenegro. This years' conference theme is “Good Governance through Participative Democracy and Client Oriented Public Administration".

On the occasion, Ministers from Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia, in charge of the ministries of public administration reform implementation as well as high officials from DG Enlargement and the European Commission will be present and deliver opening remarks. The event will be attended by the Public Administration Institution representatives of Western Balkan countries, European Union, representatives of foreign missions accredited in Montenegro, international organizations, and civil society dealingwithissuesrelatedtothe Public Administration Reform and GoodGovernance.

The main objective of this conference is to raise awareness on the changing mode of the Governance over the last decades in the Western Balkans influenced by globalization and the need to adjust to international economic, social and technological development.

6th ReSPA Annual Conference with its holistic approach in the sphere of PA thematic areas will try to tackle different national (WBcountries) and EU public administration systems and division of problems which occur out of it as a consequence of non adequate communication and lack of interconnection with the different target audiences. It will also try to underpin the best practices evolved in the European Union and in ReSPA member countries and ‘Kosovo*’, as a response to latter mentioned problems in PA institutions.

The conference will have a plenary session devoted to high-level speakers and Panel discussions with the opportunity to exchange opinions between the speakers and the Conference audience.

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