News archive - [Event Review] Joint Workshop on Smart Specialisation Strategies

The Joint Workshop on Smart Specialisation Strategies was held in Linz, Austria from March 28 till March 29, 2012 and was hosted by Upper Austria and co-organized by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research (BMWF), OECD and IPTS. This joint workshop brought together policy makers, academia and experts from different countries and regions in the context of smart specialisation strategies (S3) for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. 

As a joint event it combined policy expertise from the ongoing OECD project on Designing Smart Specialisation Strategies for Innovation Driven Growth and the European Commission’s S3 Platform implemented by IPTS. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the policy concept of smart specialization and its practical implications. It introduced tools and indicators that will help to revisit regional strategies and to start processes for designing, measuring and implementing national or regional research and innovation strategies for smart specialization (RIS3). The exchange between policy makers, experts, scientific institutions and the experience from existing regional specialization cases will maximize the policy learning for a successful implementation process.

Further information on the agenda as well as the presentations and some impressions of the workshop can be found here.

Further information on the TIP Smart Specialisation project is available here.


Source: Email by Anke Merkl-Rachbauer (TMG) and Christoph Brandstätter (CATT)

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