News archive - Win an Apple iPad 3! Contribute to a future action plan to increase innovation capacities in the whole WB region

WBC-INCO.NET is inviting you to submit concept notes contributing to a future ACTION PLAN to increase INNOVATION CAPACITIES in the whole REGION of the WESTERN BALKAN COUNTRIES (WBC).

Contribute to a future action plan and have the chance to win an Apple iPad 3!

We invite everybody interested in the topic to increase innovation capacities, readers of the WBC-INCO.NET newsletter and research and innovation experts to share their ideas in a bottom-up approach. We will also get in touch with some selected innovation experts individually to receive more comprehensive inputs.

The concept notes should be approximately 2 pages and include suggestions for concrete projects and actions, they should briefly describe the suggested action, specify who could be the institutions implementing the actions, refer to already running similar actions and the respective lessons learnt; describe the expected impact and the relevance for the region. Please see below for a suggested table of content for the concept notes.

For the current call, your input is welcome until May 15, 2012.

The winner will be drawn in May 2012 from all concept notes received between April 2, 2012 and May 15, 2012. Apple iPad 3 will be drawn amongst all participants randomly and the winner will be informed per email.


The WBC-INCO.NET project will contribute to the development of an Action Plan and dialogue about possible measures and their prioritization. The concept notes will be clustered and discussed with science and economy ministries from the region (partners in WBC-INCO.NET) as well as national and international funding agencies. The contributions will also constitute an input to the development of the “Regional Strategy on R&D for Innovation” that will be used as a baseline for future programming in the region of WBC and the area of innovation policy and support. Furthermore, contributions will be published in a discussion paper / book in order to further the discussion.

Which topics?

In general you are free to choose the topic(s) you deem most relevant in order to increase innovation and innovation capacities. We expect to receive concrete ideas on how to improve the regional (WBC) innovation system in relation to the following broad “headlines” and beyond:

1) Improving governance, policymaking, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of national innovation systems

  • a.) Improvement of the National Innovation Systems in relation to the regional aspect
  • b.) Enabling environments, regulations, legislative framework conditions, standards
  • c.) Role of government and institutions
  • d.) Regional institution building to promote coherence
  • e.) Priority setting to support innovation (e.g. thematic priorities)
  • f.) Identifying regional Centers of Excellence, avoiding fragmentation and duplication, regional research infrastructures
  • g.) Relationship between Smart Specialization Strategies at sub-national level, national innovation strategies and cross-border and regional cooperation
  • h.) Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms

2) Innovation support and incentives, accelerating commercialization and deepening collaboration with the business sector

  • a.) Financing of innovation activities, regional research and innovation funding
  • b.) Incentives for researchers, research organizations and innovators in the region to engage in commercialization and processes
  • c.) Linking researchers/academicians and entrepreneurs/businesses
  • d.) Innovation support infrastructures and intermediary organizations: science / technology parks, incubators, clusters, technology transfer offices, technology platforms etc. and the regional aspect
  • e.) Regional and international networking for business innovation
  • f.) Knowledge transfer, access, absorption, diffusion/exchange
  • g.) Protection of intellectual property (IPR)
  • h.) etc.

3) Increasing business R&D and facilitating innovative start-up companies, linking research and innovation with business and society

  • a.) Access to external financing, tax-breaks and/or direct support
  • b.) ‘Nurturing’ services for R&D in small enterprises and innovative start-ups
  • c.) Attraction of R&D intensive FDI.
  • d.) Human capacities for innovation, skills and career development
  • e.) Promotion of non-technological innovation beyond product innovation: process, marketing, social innovation, design
  • f.) Public recognition of and support to research and innovation
  • g.) Increasing integration to the international STI communities (e.g. European Research Area)
  • h.) Mobilizing the scientific diaspora, increase mobility
  • i.) etc.

Please consider that we are aiming at a REGIONAL Action Plan for Western Balkan Countries, so suggestions such as improving a specific technology park in one country will not be considered, unless the focus is e.g. on the opening up of the innovation infrastructure on regional level.

Discussions about the proposed actions will be taking place in a meeting with national delegates from the region and innovation experts on June 13, 2012. The results will be made available via the WBC-INCO.NET portal.

By sending your contribution you agree that your input might be clustered with other suggestions, rephrased and/or adapted for the development of an Action Plan, a selection of contributions will be published.


Please send your contributions to and include the reference “Contribution to the Action Plan” in your e-mail.

Suggested table of contents for a concept note:

  • Title of the suggested Action:
  • Subtitle (or short description in one sentence):
  • Description of the Action (approx. 1 page):
  • References to running activities, lessons learnt from other regions, etc. (one paragraph):
  • Actors to be involved in the implementation and their roles (max. half a page):
  • Expected impact (one paragraph):
  • Relevance to the WBC region (one paragraph):
  • Author: name, affiliation, contact details (but you may also submit contributions anonymous)

With best regards and many thanks in advance for considering to share your ideas with us.

Elke Dall, project coordinator, on behalf of the WBC-INCO.NET Team

Terms and Conditions

  1. There is one prize foreseen for this call.
  2. The winner will be chosen within 7 days of the applicable closing date (May 15, 2012).   
  3. WBC-INCO.NET reserves the right to make media announcements and/or publish names and photographs of participants.  
  4. By submitting your concept notes you agree, if selected as a winner, to participate in all publicity reasonably requested by WBC-INCO.NET including without limitation press, print and online publicity including publication of both your name and photo.
  5. This prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged by a winner for cash or credit or any other product.
  6. WBC-INCO.NET reserves the right to cancel or prolong the call at any time.
  7. WBC-INCO.NET reserves the right to disqualify any concept notes that does not meet the criteria mentioned in the call above.  
  8. WBC-INCO.NET decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  9. WBC-INCO.NET accepts no responsibility for any costs incurred by any person participating in this call or in claiming their prize.
  10. Prize draw competition excludes WBC-INCO.NET project partners and all persons involved in any part of the administration and execution of this call.
  11. By submitting their concept notes, participants accept the terms and conditions.


Geographical focus
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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