News archive - Update: Albanian Association to FP7

Albanian newspapers discuss the decision of the Albanian government to become associated to the 7th European Framework Programme for RTD.
A draft for financing 200.000 euro was approved by the government and Minister Pollo invited the research community to compete for FP7 projects.

The challenge of the Ministry of Education and Science is integrating Albanian researchers in the European Research Area and more specific in FP7. In order to associate the country to FP7, the government approved a draft for financing 200.000 Euro. The other part of funds will be collected from the European Union.

Mr. Pollo said that during the period 2008-2013 Albanian applicants that have ambitious projects are invited to compete with their colleagues from the developed countries supported by the Ministry's services of dissemination, partnering, etc.

This is a main step of Albania's integration in the European Research Area.

Source: “Shekulli” Newspaper, September 8, 2007

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