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For the first time in FYR of Macedonia, YES Foundation is organizing the Startup Weekend in Skopje, from June 24 to 26, an event licensed by the organization Startup Weekend from Seattle, Washington. The event is an announcement of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011 and represent the kickoff of the series of events which YES organizes in order to stimulate the entrepreneurship spirit in Macedonia.

Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event for generating new business ideas which provides networking, recourse information, building teams for developing the idea and preparation of its realization.

The event is open for all the entrepreneurs in the local community. The event has already been organized throughout 110 cities around the world and became a successful ground for making startups. Only last year, this event resulted in creating more than 850 new companies.

More information is available at:  Startup Weekend in Skopje

Source: Email from YES Foundation


From: 24 June 2011
To: 26 June 2011

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