News archive - Association Proceedures: Developments in EURATOM

Regarding EURATOM, no countries are associated to this programme yet. Croatia and Serbia (as well as Turkey) have requested association to EURATOM, but the timing for negotiation and association is unknown yet.

Switzerland is the only country that has completed negotiations and a formal signing is expected shortly.

More information on Euratom is available from this link.

Euratom research activities differ from those in other programmes in that they are carried out under a separate treaty. The Commission’s amended FP7 proposals PDF include EUR 2,751 million to fund nuclear research and training activities under the Euratom Treaty - to be spent over five years (2007-2011) rather than the seven years of the EC parts of FP7. In FP7 Euratom there are two associated specific programmes, one covering indirect actions in the fields of fusion energy and nuclear fission and radiation protection, the other covering direct actions in the nuclear field undertaken by the Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Source: CORDIS-Euratom Website as accessed in July 2007.

Update: Exploratory talks are going on with Croatia and Serbia on their association to the Seventh Euratom Research Framework Programme. Association would facilitate compliance with the acquis under the Euratom Treaty. The details on the association agreements are being considered.

Source: Commission document SEC(2008) 288. Meeting doc 47/08; March 2008.

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