News archive - "IPA ADRIATIC CBC PROGRAMME": a total amount of 75 mio euro have been assigned to top-ranked projects

On December 1-3, the Joint Monitoring Committee of the “IPA Adriatic CBC Programme” (2007-2013) approved the first 32 ordinary projects for a total funding of 75 million, 25 for each of the three priorities.

These projects have been chosen among the 134 considered admissible at the end of the quality assessment performed by the Joint Technical Secretariat: 11 submitted on the first priority concerning the economic, social and institutional cooperation, 10 on the second priority concerning the natural and cultural resources, 11 on the third priority concerning the accessibility and networks. The “IPA Adriatic CBC Programme” involves eight Countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Greece and for Italy, behind Abruzzo Region, that is the Managing Authority of the Programme, also Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Puglia and Molise Regions.

Under Priority 1 of the Programme: “Economic, social and institutional cooperation”. It aims at strengthening research and innovation to facilitate development of the Adriatic area through economic, social and institutional cooperation. Economic, social and institutional cooperation is intended to develop research and innovation capacity, creation and application of knowledge. This Priority is central because it is aimed at growing and generating competitiveness in the territorial and productive economic systems.

The Priority 1 is divided in 4 Measures:
o    Measure 1.1 “Research and innovation”: it aims at improving research capacity by rising competence levels, encouraging transfer of innovation by the creation of networks among the entrepreneurial, institutional, academic, training and research sectors, and principally by promoting joint activities.
o    Measure 1.2 “Financial support for innovative SMEs”: it aims at encouraging the territorial and productive systems to invest in research and innovation by offering new and diversified financial instruments.
o    Measure 1.3 “Social, health and labour networks”: it aims at creating new cooperation networks in social, labour and health policies and strengthening existing ones.
o    Measure 1.4 “Institutional cooperation”: it aims at promoting innovative services to the citizenry through the exchange of technical and government expertise and best practice between the governments and local/public authorities.
Priority 2 focuses on several measures in “Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention”, Priority 3 on "Accessibility and Networks".

The Joint Monitoring Committee of the Programme, on the meeting of 2nd December 2010, approved, for each Call for ordinary projects (Priority 1, Priority 2 and Priority 3), the ranking lists of all the formally admissible projects.
The projects are financed according to the available budget of each call for proposals and under conditions set by the JMC.

A provisional ranking list of projects eligible for funding under Priority 1 that could be financed according to the available budget (25 ML EUR) has been published. The Lead Applicants of these projects might be required to provide specific clarifications and documents according to the rules of the Call (§§ 12‐13), to the administrative requirements and/or due to the law in force. In case the Lead Applicant does not provide the required documents in the duly form and in time, or if the content of the documents reveals the ineligibility of one or more Beneficiaries, the project will be rejected and cancelled from the ranking list approved by the JMC. In case of available funds (within the Call available budget), the eligible project/s following the last one financed project in the ranking list will be then funded.
Provisional projects are coordinated by organisations from Albania, Croatia and mainly Italy - in Priority 1:
  • Finest S.p.A., Financial company for the promotion of economic cooperation with east European countries, Italy
  • IDA ‐ Istrian Development Agency Ltd, Croatia
  • Abruzzo Region ‐ International Activities, Italy
  • Local Health Authority nr 10 "Veneto Orientale", Italy
  • Region of Istria, Croatia
  • Indipendent Forum for the Albania Women, Albania
  • Municipality of Bushat, Albania
  • Association of Chambers of Commerce of Veneto Region, Italy
  • Province of Gorizia, Italy
  • Marche Region‐ Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Department, Italy

Source: IPA Adriatic Website, accessed Dec. 18, 2010

It means that Albania will be benefitting 6.4 million euro of funds from the European Commission in this programme (source: Tirana Times).


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