News archive - FP7-REGPOT-3-Call heavily oversubscribed: 11 projects selected for funding

As described in previous news, the call FP7-REGPOT-2007-3 under FP7, Capacities Theme 4, Research Potential was opening up possibilities to develop partnerships, exchange know-how and experience, and upgrade research capacities, in the region of the Western Balkan countries cooperating with convergence regions. Deadline for this call was April 24, 2007; in the meanwhile the European Commission carried out the evaluations and some statistical results are available (of course, depending on the outcome of contractual negotiations the statistics might still change).

For the REGPOT-2007-3 call, a total of 8 million euro was allocated for proposals of activities such as acquisition, development, maintenance, upgrading and/or renewal of S&T research equipment for selected WBC research centres. It was explicitly intended to fund several Support Actions with an average of approximately 1.2 million euro per project.
In fact, 1.1 million euro was the average size per proposal, 107 proposal were submitted - so requesting a total of 119 million euro!

This shows again the high investment demand in research in the Western Balken countries. A success rate of 10.28 % might increase a certain frustration, but it should not be overseen that the success rate of coordinators from the Western Balkan countries is very high (from each 5 submitted proposals one will be funded!) which proves the high quality of proposals from WBC research groups!

Another result is the high visibility of the motivation, effort and success of the Serbian research community:
Out of the 11 proposals retained for funding 7 (!) are coordinated by Serbian institutions, and additional 7 institutions are involved as partners. Serbia was also the most active country submitting proposals as coordinators (36 proposals), so their success rate was 5.143 : 1!

Croatian research groups submitted 5 proposals out of which one is retained for funding (5 : 1 success rate).
And researchers from the FYR of Macedonia have submitted 4 proposals as coordinators which results in a 4 : 1 success rate.

Compliments to the associated countries of the region!

(The most successful proposers in this call were - a little surprise to us - Irish coordinators: they submitted 2 proposals with both being retained for funding. Whereas e.g. of the 18 proposals submitted by Greek coordinators or the 10 from Austrian coordinators, none will be retained for funding!)

Entry created by Elke Dall on July 4, 2007
Modified on July 4, 2007