News archive - FP6: Project Synopsis on Food Quality and Safety

The EC has published a catalogue of 181 projects funded under the FP6 theme 'food quality and safety'. This catalogue will be a useful tool for identifying potential partners, developing new projects that build on already existing ideas and results, and obtaining information about some of the FP6 achievements.

The publication contains general statistics as well as useful information on the different projects, including the budget, list of participants, links and contact persons. Between 2002 and 2006, a total of €751 million of EC funding was allocated to the 181 projects.
The ‘food quality and safety’ priority covered scientific areas including:

  • total food chain;
  • epidemiology of food-related diseases and allergies;
  • impact of food on health;
  • traceability processes along the production chain;
  • methods of analysis, detection and control;
  • safer and more environmentally friendly production methods and technologies;
  • the impact of animal feed on health;
  • environmental health risks.

The FP6 theme has been broadened in FP7 to become 'food, agriculture, fisheries, and biotechnology'.

Further information
The catalogue can be downloaded at the following address:

We would like to highlight a few projects with participation from the Western Balkan countries:

EU-western Balkan network for training and the promotion of cooperation in research activities within the food, agriculture and biotechnology of theme FP7
Contract n°: 043119
Project co-ordinator: Gorgias Garofalakis ETAT
EU contribution: € 570,864
WBC partners: Sustainable Economic Development Agency (Albania), Agency for International, Scientific, Educational, Cultural and Technical Cooperation (Montenegro), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture (Serbia), Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Agriculture (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Directorate for International Cooperation (Croatia)

cooperation network of national contact points with a special focus on third countries in the areas of food quality and safety and food, agriculture and biotechnology
Contract n°: 023114
Project co-ordinator: Koos de Korte SenterNovem/EG-Liason
EU contribution: € 900,000
WBC partners: Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection (Serbia), Ministarstvo znanosti, obrazovanja i sporta (Croatia)

eating out: habits, determinants, and recommendations for consumers and the European catering sector
Contract n°: 023043
Web site:
Project co-ordinator: Antonia Trichopoulou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
EU contribution: € 1.2M
WBC partners: Croatian National Institute of Public Health (Croatia), Ministry of Health, Department of Primary Health Care (Albania), LTC Zagreb d.o.o. (Croatia)

quality, safety and value optimisation of the milk supply chain in rapidity evolving central and eastern european markets
Contract n°: 506349
Project co-ordinator: Jos Lankveld and Rolf Marteijn Wageningen University
EU contribution: € 156,000
WBC partners: Edinburgh Direct Aid, Bihac (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

safe and high quality food production using low quality waters and improved irrigation systems and management
Contract n°: 023168
Project co-ordinator: Finn Plauborg University of Aarhus
EU contribution: € 4.7M
WBC partners: University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture (Serbia)

improving the quality and safety of beef and beef products for the consumer in production and processing
Contract n°: 036241
Project co-ordinator: Declan Troy Teagasc – The Agriculture and Food
EU contribution: € 10.9M
WBC partners: University of Novi Sad (Serbia)

harmonising nutrient recommendations across Europe with special focus on vulnerable groups and consumer understanding
Contract n°: 036196
Project co-ordinator: Loek Pijls ILSI Europe
EU contribution: € 13.2M
WBC partners: University of Belgrade – Institute for Medical
Research (Serbia)

dietary exposures to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and DNA damage
Contract n°: 505609
Project co-ordinator: Jolanta Gromadzinska Nofer Institute
EU contribution: € 1.5M
WBC partners: Institut za nuklearne nauke “VINČA” (Serbia)

development and application of biomarkers of dietary exposure to genotoxic and immunotoxic chemicals and of biomarkers of early effects, using mother-child birth cohorts and biobanks
Contract n°: 016320
Project co-ordinator: Jos Kleinjans Maastricht University, The Netherlands
EU contribution: € 13.6M
WBC partners: Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health (Croatia)

public health impact of long-term, low-level mixed element exposure in susceptible population strata
Contract n°: 016253
Project co-ordinator: Staffan Skerfving Lund University
EU contribution: € 13.4M
WBC partners: Oikon (Croatia)

PCVD: towards improved food quality and safety within EU new Member States and associated candidate countries
Contract n°: 518432
Project co-ordinator: Gordon Allan Queen’s University Belfast
EU contribution: € 497,340
WBC partners: Croatian Veterinary Institute (Croatia), affiliated institutes: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Skopje (FYROM), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb (Croatia)

European food consumption validation
Contract n°: 022895
Project co-ordinator: Evelien De Boer Netherlands Organisation For Applied
Scientific Research
EU contribution: € 2.6M
WBC partners: Akademija Medicinskih Znanosti Hrvatske (Croatia)

freshly baked breads with improvement of nutritional quality and low energy-demanding for the benefit of the consumer and the environment
Contract n°: 036302
Project co-ordinator: Alain Le Bail Ecole Nationale d’Ingenieurs des Techniques des Industries Agricoles et Alimentaires
EU contribution: € 2M
WBC partners: Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology Zagreb (Croatia)

influence of the dietary history in the prevention of coeliac disease: possibilities of induction of tolerance for gluten in genetically predisposed children
Contract n°: 036383
Project co-ordinator: Maria Luisa Mearin Academisch Ziekenhuis Leiden acting under the name Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum
EU contribution: € 3.7M
WBC partners: Children’s Hospital Zagreb (Croatia)

foresight project to create desired future vision and roadmap for the food industry in the Central and Eastern Countries to reach high international standards in delivering healthy and safe food
Contract n°: 043005
Project co-ordinator: Dr Ricardo Seidl da Fonseca, United Nations Industrial Development Organization
EU contribution: € 724,929
WBC partners: National Wholesale Market Company Inc (Croatia)

sustainable aquaculture production through the use of recirculation systems
Contract n°: 43150
Project co-ordinator: Dr. Bjørn-Steinar Sæther Fiskeriforskning (Norwegian Institute of fisheries and Aquaculture Research)
EU contribution: € 531,809
WBC partners: Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries in Split (Croatia), Maring d.o.o. (Croatia)


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