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The internationional scientific conference "The Electronic Library" was organized by the Librarian Association of Serbia and held September 25-27, 2008.

The conference was initiatied and held with an significant effort by the Association's president PhD. Aleksandra Vranes.
Guests from UK, Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, F.Y.R. Macedonia presented and exchanged their  experiences about work and management of electronic libraries.

After the opening by the representative of the Ministry of Culture, key speaker Mr Todd Cutler expressed his statement about new way of thinking - How to become a librarian 2.0.

Librarians are challenged by new technologies. His question was "Is there a better way?" to survive as a modern librarian.

Mr Rob Davies presented his project about digital library Europeana.

Professor Serap Kurbanoglu from Ankara confronted book-readers and new googling generation, cut-and paste generation. She talked about influence of electronic age to information literacy, is everything that we found on the web really correct and useful?
The other teacher from Ankara was Mr Yasar Tonta, presented Web 2.0 and Library 2.0.

Differences between paper library,
digital library and electronic library was shown by Marija Laslo,
a colleague from Osijek, Croatia.

Ivana Truccolo, a medical librarian from Aviano,
presented a CIGNO programm (still in process) for patients' education at the CRO Clinic. Patients can exchange their own experience using the programme as a tool which allow them to learn more about disease.

Colleagues from Bulgaria talked about web habits, and neccessary education of library staff as well as the students-users of electronic library, library 2.0 users.

Presentations were given by colleagues from Serbia about Open Access.

Two colleagues presented electronic library in Gymnasium of Zemun.

Slavica Jankovic and Valentina Tasic are librarians in Gymnasium and demonstrated how a school library can follow new trends.

Rss feed aggregation was a topic of Mr Vedran Vucic, president of the GnuLinux Centre. He made several medical aggregators and shown how scientific articles could be selected and collected by key word using RSS feed. These aggregators are visited more than 20 000 times in approx 30 days.
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We also enjoyed in classic guitar sound, concert perfomed by guitar player Uros Dojcinovic.




















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