News archive - [Event Announcement] International Conference: Economy of Integrations (ICEI) - Integration Challenges and Prospective of SEE Countries

The University of Tuzla, Faculty of Economics, University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business and University of Osijek, Faculty of Economics invite to the 2nd Scientific Conference with International Participation titled: ECONOMY OF INTEGRATIONS (ICEI) Integration Challenges and Prospective in SEE Countries to be held in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina on December 9-10, 2011. 

Main topic of the Conference will be dedicated to current processes of integration with particular emphases on SEE countries. This means that discussions and considerations will be directed to actions that need to be undertaken in order to strengthen the cooperation between SEE countries as well as to strengthen regional stability. 

Themes that will be covered at this conference include research papers and discussions in the following areas: 

Processes of EU integrations regional context

  • ­Regional economic growth and development
  • ­Tourism, rural and local development
  • ­ Environment, natural resources and sustainable development
  • ­ Theory and policy of entrepreneurship and innovations of SME
  • ­ Micro-economy – economic integrations
  • ­ Macro-economy – monetary integrations

FDI in function of economic structures in SEE countries

  • CEFTA: Accomplished result and prospective in geo-space of Western Balkans
  • Euro-regional cooperation in SEE
  • Challenges and possibilities of differentiation of B&H economy in light of approaching to structural EU funds

Finance and financial politics in integration processes

  • ­ Mergers, incorporations and corporative control
  • ­ Use of derivate in risk management of (non)financial companies
  • ­International coordination of banking capital standards
  • ­ Monetary and fiscal policy in EU
  • ­ Globalization of financial markets
  • ­ Standardization of financial institutions

Prospective of entrepreneurship and management in integration processes in SEE countries

  • ­Entrepreneurship for future – action plan for improvement of entrepreneurship and competitiveness
  • ­ Management on function of integrations of economies of SEE in EU
  • ­ Development of entrepreneurship culture in SEE countries
  • ­ EU funds – challenges  for improvement and development of entrepreneurship and management in SEE countries

Marketing in integration processes

  • ­ Marketing information technologies in context of integration processes
  • ­ Challenges of marketing integration processes of SEE countries
  • ­ International marketing and integration processes
  • ­ Marketing communications in integration processes
  • ­ Social marketing in integration processes

Quantitative economy in integration processes

  • Challenges of business decision making
  • Prospective of development of risk management
  • Contemporary quantitative methods in financial analyses
  • Statistical information systems
  • Contemporary research methods

Accounting and revision in integration processes

  • ­ Standardization in accounting and revision
  • ­Challenges in accounting in public sector
  • ­ Accounting aspects of mergers and acquisitions
  • ­ Accounting in financial institutions

Digital economy and e-business – prospective in integration processes

  • ­Development of information society
  • ­ Organization and management of information systems
  • ­ e-business trends
  • ­Knowledge management
  • ­Ethical and social aspects in information management

For more information please refer to conference website: or see the invitation attached below.

From: 9 December 2011
To: 10 December 2011

Geographical focus
  • International; Other

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