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On July 12-13, 2007, the 3rd Training and Proposal Building Meeting of the Medical Research Initiative South Eastern Europe (MedResIn SEE) was held in Belgrade.

This initiative by six partners from Austria, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, and Slovenia, is designed to foster dialogue in medical research at the level of individual researchers and projects. It serves to strengthen cooperation in biomedical research in Central and South Eastern Europe and beyond, and it facilitates the development of joint research activities by providing a platform for researchers to present and to pursue their ideas.
In Belgrade, more than 100 researchers from 15 countries from all over Europe met at the School of Medicine to discuss their ideas and develop project concepts into concrete research projects for submission to FP7. As they aim to submit their project to the 7th European Framework Programme, the event included an information session about FP7 and the People Programme, as well as specific and well-received seminars on proposal structure, writing strategies, and the Electronic Proposal Submission System. In the follow-up “proposal building workshops” the input was put into practice. While three project proposals developed in previous MedResIn Meetings had already been submitted to FP7 in the spring, five groups have been active in Belgrade and are working now to submit their finalized project proposals to the European Commission in the autumn.

In order to support cooperation in the region and with potential partners in EU Member States, an online platform for researchers to present and interlink their ideas is provided beyond the duration of the meetings. This platform is open for all researchers who wish to enter their profiles and to search for potential cooperation partners at
Information about the Medical Research Initiative South Eastern Europe (MedResIn SEE) is available at

Information provided by Carolin Auer.

Article published in eJournal summer 2007.

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