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WBC-INCO.NET thinks that becoming an expert evaluator for the European Commission is one of the best possibilities to learn about programmes and projects, to network and receive information about the state-of-the-art in European Research. The registration process is open for all researchers from the Western Balkan countries and you are encouraged to provide your details to the EC for selection of experts.

The website to register as an expert is

Click on it just now and seize the opportunity.

Experts for research activities assist the Commission in evaluating proposals of the Seventh Framework Programme and monitoring projects funded by the EU. Registering on the database does not ensure your participation in evaluation panels. Such evaluations are based on the number and the fields of calls, the number of applications, and finally the assessment of your application by the Commission. In order to achieve equal opportunities for women and men (the target being 40 % of women in panels), the Commission would particularly welcome applications from suitably qualified women.
Prospective independent experts for FP7 are expected to have a high level of professional experience in the public or private sector in one or more of the following areas:

  • research in relevant scientific and technological fields,
  • administration, management or evaluation of RTD projects, programmes or policies,
  • use of the results of RTD projects, technology transfer, innovation, and business cooperation, particularly with regard to SMEs,
  • issues at the interface of science and society (e.g. education, communication, ethics etc.),
  • international cooperation in science and technology,
  • development of human resources.

West Balkan researchers are encouraged to apply!

Geographical focus
  • Europe

Entry created by Elke Dall on May 19, 2008
Modified on May 20, 2008