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In the beginning of February 2007, the Southeast European Era-Net (SEE-ERA.NET) organised three scientific workshops. Invited by fourteen national SEE-ERA.NET partners (the majority of them are the respective ministries), four to six researchers per country were able to use these events for extensive networking in order to form consortia and prepare future project applications.
Outcome of the workshops
Over 150 researchers from the 14 SEE-ERA.NET partner countries participated in the workshops and more than 70 concrete project-proposal ideas with already formed consortia were presented. They will now be transformed into project applications in the framework of the Pilot Joint Call or they could be the starting point for potential participations in FP7. The workshops were accompanied by intensive media coverage in the countries, with the news being published on TV and in the press.

Topics and locations of the workshops

Environmental Technologies:
FYR of Macedonia, February 5-7, 2007
Organiser: Ministry of Education and Science, FYR of Macedonia

Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology
Sustainable Production and Management:
Montenegro and Croatia, February 6-8, 2007
Organiser: Ministry of Education and Science, Montenegro

Information and Communication Technologies
Applications Research:
Serbia, February 12-14, 2007
Organiser: Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection, Serbia

SEE-ERA.NET Pilot Joint Call

The events are an accompanying measure to the SEE-ERA.NET Pilot Joint Call 'Networking with Southeast Europe'. With a deadline on March 31, 2007, this call provides national funding for joint project applications from fourteen ministries in the region. Applicants have to form project consortia that consist (according to project type) of three to five partners from different countries, including partners from a Western Balkan country.
More information about the SEE-ERA.NET Pilot Joint Call, the members of the SEE-ERA.NET National Contact Point network and the online application tool can be found at:

Article published in eJournal winter 06/07.
Author: Florian Gruber, Centre for Social Innovation

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