News archive - EurpeAid Forecast: Capacity building and institutional strengthening of Science and Research in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A tender under the programme CARDS 2006 is announced to be published for support of science and research in BiH as announced on the EuropeAid website for December - but opening is expected in January.

Publication reference for this individual service contract (restricted, fee-based) is EuropeAid/125962/C/SER/BA.

The project shall establish a functional system for dealing with science and research issues in the country and harmonised with the EU standards, and to support the integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina into the European Research Area (ERA) through development and implementing an integrated research and innovation policy, through the capacity and institution building activities and developing of an S&T Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Indicative budget for these activities is 500,000.00 EUR

Intended timing of publication of the procurement notice: December 2007.

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