News archive - I-SEEMob Project Offers Search Engine for R&D Industries in SEE

The I-SEEMob project has created search engine for anyone interested in R&D Industries in SEE, allowing both for a simple keyword search and for an advanced search concerning particular sectors and/or countries. Data is available for the following countries: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the FYR of Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

About I-SEEMob

In accordance with ERA objectives and priorities, the main goal of the I-SEEMob project is to contribute to the enhancement of the career development of R&D personnel in ERA by examining the existing legal and research policy gaps hampering the intersectoral mobility of R&D personnel in the South-Eastern European Countries participating in the consortium and, accordingly, provide recommendations and guidelines to the respective governments so as to raise the remaining obstacles and promote intersectoral mobility and the career development of researchers. Towards the accomplishment of the above mentioned objectives, the consortium will carry out a series of activities that will support existing national and European intersectoral mobility policies.

The activities foreseen to be carried out are the following: a mapping exercise on the current state of industrial representation on R&D sector in SEE and its respective needs; a legislation gap analysis which will examine the legislative framework for career development of researchers in SEE; development of policy guidelines for the formulation of common research policies for enhancing the inter-sectoral mobility of researchers and, finally, establishment of a set of networking initiatives with other relevant national and European networks.

Geographical focus
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Croatia
  • International; Other
  • Republic of North Macedonia
  • Serbia

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