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The Croatian Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes establishes EURAXESS in Croatia.
Croatia is taking great efforts to promote research and become more desirable to researchers from abroad. At the forefront of this effort is the Croatian Agency for Mobility and EU programmes. On June 1, 2008 the agency took up the role of the EURAXESS Bridgehead Organisation and is planning the launch of a helpdesk as well as the Croatian EURAXESS Services Network.

Research and development (R&D) activities in Croatia are relatively well developed, but it is hoped that the debut of EURAXESS, along with other measures, will give Croatian research a significant boost.
There is a strong research community in Croatia, which employs close to 16 000 people. But Croatian R&D often lags behind that of the EU. Therefore the Croatian government has adopted the Science and Technology Policy of the Republic of Croatia 2006-2010, which increases investment in R&D.
This policy combined with the establishment of the EURAXESS Bridgehead Organisation is working to make Croatia a more appealing place for researchers both from Croatia and abroad. The EURAXESS Bridgehead Organisation is currently undertaking the creation of the EURAXESS Service Centre, help desk and mobility network. These bodies will provide researchers and research organisations with information about mobility as well as offering personalised assistance to researchers with questions concerning mobility.
Such steps are essential to boosting Croatian R&D and mobility and will help to bring Croatian research into the European Research Area.

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