News archive - Motivating WBC Researchers: An Example From Montenegro

The Ministry of Education and Science, in cooperation with The Bureau for International Scientific, Educational, Cultural and Technical Cooperation of the Government of Montenegro, organised an Information Day on FP7, at the University of Montenegro (UoM), on April 12, 2007. It was targeted mainly at the local research community and conceived as an informative and motivating event that would trigger greater involvement of researchers and support institutions in FP7 projects.

Introductory notes were offered by Sreten Škuletić, Vice Rector for International Cooperation at the UoM, and Slobodanka Koprivica, Vice Minister for High Education and Science, who was also the moderator of the event. Local NCPs together with researchers from Slovenia and Montenegro were presenters. The NCPs first gave a general introduction to FP7, the status of Montenegro within it, and illustrated ways of participating in the Framework Programme by giving examples of Health, Environment and themes for Coordination and Support Actions. Topics that call for participation of ICPC and especially WBC were stressed. In the second part of the event there was a very informative and inspiring presentation by an outstanding researcher from Slovenia, Jana Kolar, who gave valuable insight into FP7 projects from a researcher’s point of view, focusing on the position of partners in projects. The presentations, by Mira Vukčević, from the UoM, who focused on the ‘Capacities’ Programme and recommendations for participation in it and by Božo Krstajić, also from the UoM, who spoke about his experiences in FP6 e-infrastructure projects, were also highly appreciated. Their success stories have encouraged researchers to start investigating FP7 opportunities. The Info Day was co-financed by the Project ‘ERA Westbalkan+’ and the Ministry of Education and Science of Montenegro. The ‘ Journal’ was recommended as a very relevant information source for West Balkan research.

Article published in eJournal spring 07.

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