News archive - Brno: Regional Efforts to Enhance Academic Exchange

A regional agency helps to enhance the academic cooperation with the Western Balkan countries by granting scholarships and supporting foreign students and researchers. This special service is needed in order to overcome obstacles caused by the administrative system.

Around 70% of the clients of the South Moravian Centre for International Mobility (Brno, Czech Republic) come from countries of the former Yugoslavia. The biggest part of them originates from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Their educational background varies between the wide range of technical science, medicine, design, engineering and natural science.

Our services include advisory related to entry conditions, assistance in the application to the University of Brno and the provision with an individualised scholarship scheme. Clients are mainly Master students, PhD applicants and researchers in the early stage of their career. Their stay in the Czech Republic is often complicated by the formal requirements of the Czech law and in particular by the agenda of the local “aliens‘ police”. The South Moravian Centre for International Mobility has been gathering experience in this field since 2005. Despite the assistance provided, this agenda remains the main obstacle to the future career of international scholars in the country.

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