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has been providing high-quality independent analytical coverage of SE Europe since 2003. In the last year since site redevelopment began, 92 articles have been published as well as interviews and briefings by 22 different authors reporting from 15 countries.

More information about how assessment for contributing, along with benefits such as author pages, is here:

"We encourage forward-thinking analytical coverage that assesses current events within wider trends and outlooks. Since we prefer to discuss the region in its relation to the outside world,  we are very happy to have contributors from countries outside of the region- this also helps us to find more unique and interesting stories. At the moment, we especially seek more coverage on/from Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece, as well as transnational issues like Russian energy interests in the Balkans, human trafficking, trade relations with emerging powers, impact of technology and so on."

In addition to contributors, is currently looking for more outside parties - from institutions to companies to government bodies - interested in cooperation on events designed to enhance broader understanding of the region. Notes about the events will be kept on this new page:

An example of one upcoming event is participating in, in Romania, is here (paper abstracts are currently being accepted):

Also, you can now follow Balkanalysis on Twitter for news about the site, tips on Balkan-related jobs, and brief news briefs: @balkanalysis

Some of the recent articles, interviews and briefings include Vlad Popovici on the energy sector in the EC 2011 Western Balkans progress report; an interview with Slovakia's ambassador to FYR of Macedonia, and another with the EULEX Operations Director by Chris Deliso; Lana Pasic on one year without a government in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Anita McKinna on justice issues in Kosovo (UNSCR 1244); Maria Neag's briefing with Turkey EU minister Bagis; Greek intelligence agency acquisitions by Ioannis Michaletos, Ante Raic on the idea of an ex-Yu football league, and Italy's Balkan investments by Matteo Albertini.

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Source: Chris Deliso, Director

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