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Between April 11 and 15, 2011 hundreds of events organised in all parts of Europe will show, promote, discuss and celebrate energy efficiency and renewable energy – and you can be a part of it. It’s time to get into the starting block for next year’s EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), Europe’s key event for a more sustainable energy future.

What is an Energy Day?

Energy days can be any event or happening to promote energy efficiency or renewable energy – from exhibitions, conferences, online events, performances to guided tours, open door days, workshops, media campaigns, concerts and much more…
In line with the EUSEW 2011 main theme, events addressing energy efficiency matters are particularly welcome but also events addressing renewable energy qualify to be an Energy Day.

Who can take part?

If energy efficiency and renewable energy matter to you, then you are a potential Energy Day organiser, whether you are:
• A local or regional authority.
• A company, business organisation or chamber of commerce, university.
• A consumer association, citizen group or NGO, a university or research, think tank.

At the moment (August 9), the following Energy Days are scheduled for the Western Balkan countries:

  • Bosnia and Hercegovina (Tuzla)
  • Croatia (Zadar, Velika Gorica, Zagreb [2 events], Osijek, Rijeka)
  • Serbia (Novi Sad)

9 reasons to organise Energy Days in your town, city or region:

  • Raise the profile and improve the image of your organisation, town, city or region.
  • Be part of a European campaign.
  • Turn your town, city or region into a frontrunner of Europe’s energy revolution.
  • Attract media attention and make headlines.
  • Energise your local communities and get their endorsement.
  • Help local companies expand into fast-growing green energy markets.
  • Innovate and set a new direction for your town, city or region.
  • Make it easier to attract investment into your sustainable energy projects.
  • Get additional visibility and support for your event from the EU.

All further information you might need to organise an Energy Day is available at

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