News archive - Hellenic Aid Grants 100 Scholarships to Foreign Students

Within the framework of international development cooperation and assistance, each year, Hellenic Aid grants approximately 100 scholarships to foreign and expatriate students deriving from developing countries for graduate and postgraduate studies at Greek universities and technological education institutes.

The deadline for submitting applications to the Greek authorities abroad is July 30, 2010.

Undergratuate as well as postgraduate students from the following Western Balkan countries may apply to study in academic and technological institutions in Greece: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Scholarships are granted for the duration of studies (number of academic years) provided for in the syllabus
of the University, with possibilities of a one-year extension.

Scholars are entitled to
1. A 600-euros monthly scholarship allowance
2. A 1.000-euros relocation fee, on condition that the scholars were foreign residents at the time of
their candidature and a monthly allowance of 650 euros for the first three months
3. Free-of-charge meals in the University and provision of the educational material (books etc.) on
a free of charge basis.
4. Exemption from tuition fees in the above-mentioned Greek Language Centers.
5. Exemption from tuition fees in some postgraduate programmes
6. Free medical care in state hospitals.
7. An amount of 1.000 euros, on condition of successful and in time, completion of studies, upon
the scholars’ returning to their country of origin.

The scholarship does not cover accommodation expenses. However, a preparatory year of learning the Greek language is covered (if necessary).

For further information, please visit the Hellenic Aid website.

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