News archive - Event Announcement: 15th Conference on Technology, Culture and Development

In the context of the Western Balkans countries on their way to the European Union, a conference is held with the topic "Corruption, Criminal and Kitsch - the State, Causes, Consequences and the Strategies to Minimize them" September 8-11, 2008 in Palic, Serbia.

This conference deals each year with selected topic on the scientific, argued, open and democratic way, with the aim to contribute to the reliable understanding of the sense, purposes and implications of entering the European union and timely preparations for this cultural, sociopolitical, economic and overall development undertaking of epochal importance to the western Balkans countries.

The topic of this Conference are corruption, criminal and kitsch, three very contagious deceases that have seized very widely and deeply the cultural, socio-economic and political tissue and that are destructively dangerous for health, life and the future of the countries and peoples of the western Balkans. Selecting this topic for this year Conference the Programming Committee wish to stimulate researching the state, causes and consequences of criminal, corruption and kitsch and, based on it, to contribute to design of strategies and ways to minimize them.

The Conference work is plenary with the intention to enable the full inter-disciplinary and intensive interactions between different research disciplines, attitudes, problem understanding and solving strategy. The total time of the Conference is distributed on submission of papers, plenary discussions, artistic performances and social events.

There are invited university and scientific institutions, industrial firms, governmental agencies, cultural, political and non-governmental organizations, professional associations and organizations, media, as well as individuals outside of any organization or institution to take part in the work of this Conference.

Application forms for participation and abstracts of the papers to be submitted should be posted or e-mailed no later than June 30, 2008. Papers to be publishing in the Proceedings of the Conference should be prepared strictly in accordance to instructions and sent after the Conference.

Registration fee is 8.000 Din (€100).

Association "Technology and Society"
Faculty of Economics, Subotica
Science and Technology Policy Research Center - Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Belgrade
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Podgorica

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