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The King Baudouin Foundation helps in the Balkans to develop the civil society. It has an operational presence there and works together with local partners. It also cooperates with other foundations on the European Fund for the Balkans.

The European Fund for the Balkans (Bringing the Balkan countries closer to the European Union) is organised with partners such as Compagnia di San Paolo, Erste Foundation, Robert Bosch Stiftung.
The European Fund for the Balkans is designed to engage European foundations to become more actively involved in Southeast Europe and to prepare the societies of the countries of this region for their future in the EU.

The Fund’s objectives are

  • to encourage broader and stronger commitment to the European integration of the Western Balkan countries and societies;
  • to strengthen the efforts undertaken by a range of stakeholders in this process with a view also to developing effective policies and practices in the region and in the EU and
  • to support the process of Member-state building as envisaged by the International Commission on the Balkans, in particular by building constituencies in the societies of Southeast Europe which are offered an opportunity to experience and learn about Europe.

The Fund is both grant-making and operational. Through its activities, it supports individuals and projects from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia (incl. Kosovo).

The European Fund for the Balkans operates regionally from a secretariat based in Belgrade.


For further information:

Any enquiry about its programmes and call of proposals may be directed to Hedwig Morvai-Horvath, Executive Director, or to

Other projects of the King Baudoin Founcations in the region include:

  • Minority Rights in Practice in South Eastern Europe
  • Protecting victims of human trafficking
  • 'Smart' visas for students
  • European Fund for the Balkans


Source: King Baudouin Foundation.

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