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At November 3, 2008 the kick-off meeting of the Serbian national mobility network development was held in Belgrade, at Faculty of Information Technology. The mobility center will establish a structured network to assist researchers in their mobility experiences. The mobility portal can be found at, linked to the pan-European Mobility Portal

The kick-off meeting of the project called "SER-MORE" was co-organized by the Bridgehead organization and Faculty of Information Technology, with attendance of respectable guests from the European Commission, Greece and Croatian mobility network.
Developing of Serbian network of mobility centers is financed by European Commission under the FP7 project No: 225076 for the period of 1.09.2008. until 31.08.2011.

The meeting was consisted of two parts; first one was official and public. During official part of the meeting, honorable guests from National mobility network, media and other interested parties was addressed by Viktor Nedović, Assistant minister for science and technology development, Kitty Fehringer and Stefania Bettini from Research Directorate of European Commission, Dimitrios Sanopoulos, coordinator of Greek mobility network and Neven Duić, representative of Croatian researchers mobility network.

After the official part of the meeting, attendees received detailed presentations on various project operational issues from Bridgehead manager Miroslav Trajanović.

Main project objectives are:

a) to establish structured network of service and information providers, enabling practical assistance to researchers in all issues related to their experience of mobility;

b) to develop organizational framework, comprised of organizational structure, communication strategies, data requirements and procedures for provision of best performance in information and services delivery; and

c) to promote ERA-MORE values through awareness campaign, including promotional events, dissemination of printed material with valuable information and delivery of information and services through national researchers’ mobility portal, linked to pan-European Mobility Portal


Source: Viktor Nedovic, Ministry of Science and Technological Development Serbia

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