News archive - Transformation of Research into Innovation: I3E Project Presents 120 Good Practices

I3E project, entitled “Promoting Innovation in the Industrial Informatics and Embedded Systems Sectors through Networking” promotes innovation in the area of South East Europe focusing on the sectors of embedded systems and industrial informatics. The project is being implemented by Consortium of 12 partners coming from 8 countries, co-financed within SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme. I3E has recently collected 120 good practices related to the transformation of research into innovation and published them in a public database.

The transformation of research results into innovation is a mainstream policy for knowledge-driven economies with an eye to the increase of their overall competitiveness. The transformation of research results in this area to innovative products, services, processes and methodologies is a prerequisite for economic recovery especially in periods of recession.
Based on a specific good practice collection methodology the project partnership has collected 120 international good practices (GP). WIKI database contains all good practices presented in standardized form describing following information:

• Location of GP;
• GP executive summary;
• GP classification;
• Description of GP;
• Description of research team/Institution;
• Applied financial mechanism;
• Impact and benefits;
• Sustainability;
• Evaluation criteria.
• Contacts for R&D team and facilitators of the applied financial mechanism

Please click here to access the database.

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Information provided by: Prof. dr Vesna Mandić, Coordinator of I3E for Serbia (UoK)


Geographical focus
  • European Union (EU 27)
  • SEE
  • Western Balkans

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