News archive - 2nd International Conference: "Knowledge Based Competitive Entrepreneurship" in Croatia

The Business Incubator BIOS Ltd. will organize the 2nd International Conference on development of entrepreneurship: "KNOWLEDGE BASED COMPETITIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP" from September 4-6, 2008 in the town of Osijek (Croatia).

In September 2007 a group of Croatian institutions that support the development of entrepreneurship (Business incubator BIOS in cooperation with Centre for Entrepreneurship Osijek, Technology Park Zagreb and Technology-Innovation Centre of Rijeka) organised the International Conference "The Role of Business Incubators in the Development of Competitiveness". More than 100 participants from eight countries (USA, Canada, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia) actively participated in the event.

This year, a 2nd International Conference: "KNOWLEDGE BASED COMPETITIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP"  will take place from September 4-6, 2008. This time, more topics will be added on the significance of cooperation among entrepreneurs, supporting institutions and science and local government in mutual development of entrepreneurship.

This year’s topics:

  • experts will present current projects regarding fostering  of entrepreneurial competitiveness
  • successful entrepreneurs will present their projects
  • special emphasis will be put on successful examples of knowledge transfer into entrepreneurial projects
  • examples of successful cooperation between the local government and entrepreneurs

So far, the following institutions have been involved in the organization of the conference:
Organizer: Business Incubator BIOS Ltd.
Co-organizers: Centre for Entrepreneurship Pakrac and Centre for Entrepreneurship Osijek
General sponsor: The Town of Osijek

You are very welcomed to still  join in the organization of the conference or to participate as lecturers. The emphasis of your presentation should be – practical examples in the field of entrepreneurship (15-20 Power Point slides – 15 minute presentation).

Detailed information about the conference will be available in August. Please confirm your willingness to participate as soon as possible (until August 5, 2008).

more details on the first conference held in 2007:

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