News archive - The 2010 Progress Reports: Assessment of S&T in the FYR of Macedonia

Please find below the chapters of the most recent Progress Reports concerning the S&T policies of the FYR of Macedonia.

Little progress can be reported in the area of research policy. The 2010 programmes for scientific research activities, technological development and technical culture were adopted. The 2010 budget for the programme for research and technological development maintained at the 2009 level. Financial resources are still limited and the capacities of the research facilities remain weak. Preparations in this area are moderately advanced.

Good progress is being made as regards the country’s participation in the framework programmes. The number of applications and the projects selected and funded under the Seventh EU Research Framework Programme (FP7) increased. However, participation needs to be strengthened in a number of key areas, including mobility of researchers and SMEs. Moreover, the administrative capacity needs to be strengthened in order to ensure effective and sustainable participation in EU research cooperation. In this area, preparations are advanced.

Some progress can be reported in the area of future integration into the European Research Area. Representatives were appointed to the three main European research bodies: the European Research Area Committee, the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures, and the Steering Group on Human Resources and Mobility. The law establishing a National Agency for Nuclear Technologies was adopted. The law creates a legal basis for strengthened cooperation with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Funds were allocated to procure equipment for universities and laboratories.

However, the investment in research, from both the public and the private sector, remains low (estimated at 0.5% of GDP in 2009). The lack of reliable statistics makes implementation and monitoring difficult. A strategy on research and innovation is still missing. Preparations in this area are moderately advanced.


Some progress can be reported in the area of science and research. The rate of participation in the Seventh EU Research Framework Programme has increased. However, the administrative capacities to support participation in the framework programmes need to be further developed. To strengthen participation in framework programmes, the research institutes need to enhance their capacities and develop stronger links with industry. Preparations in the area
of science and research are on track.

Source: Progress Report FYR of Macedonia.

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